Belly Dance Quoteasmira

Asmira’s School of Oriental Belly Dance was established in Victoria in 1987 when globe-trotting belly dancer Asmira moved to Victoria.
Now Celebrating 37 years of Belly Dance as a grandmother of 6, Asmira’s youthful vitality is living proof of the health benefits of the dance form.

She welcomes all ages, all sizes and all levels at her studio at which many styles are taught.
Some examples are Classical Egyptian, Folkloric, Saadi, Turkish, Shaabi (Arabic Pop) and Tribal Fusion.

Asmira is a world class dancer, master teacher, and award winning choreographer who has
taught and performed Arabic Dance in Canada, the U.S.A., Egypt, the Canary Islands,
The Bahamas, Morocco, and Turkey since 1979. She is available locally or internationally.

For bookings or to register, please contact Asmira: email (preferred route for quick response) or phone 250-884-0621

Our NEW studio is located at:
Medicine Moves Studio
841 Fisgard St.

between Blanchard and Quadra Street